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If you have any questions about the progress of your child in her academic, please feel free to reach out to us and our principal will get in touch with you soon.

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50 East Coast Road, 

#02-140, Singapore 428769

+65 8951 6170

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Our Testimonials

Heading 3


(GCE O levels A-Mathematics, E-Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics)

“Mr Vik tutored me in Additional Mathematics (A-math), Elementary Mathematics(E-math), Chemistry and Physics, while also advising me on some “English” essays. The use of the word, “advised” might be one that may seem odd to you at first. However, I believe that by the time you finish reading this, you will be convinced that having classes under Mr Vik is the right choice for students wishing to do well in their exams.
To give some context, when I first joined Mr Vik’s classes (end of 2017), I was a student that had just barely scraped through the Secondary 3 End-Of-Year examinations with an E8 for A-math, D7 for E-math and C5 for both Sciences. At the end of 2018, I was averaging an A1 for all these subjects throughout the Secondary 4 year within my internal examinations, and graduated scoring an A1 for the very same subjects in the ‘O’ levels.
You might now be wondering, how is Mr Vik and the classes he teaches like? Well, if I was to sum my experience into one word, that word would just be, different. Let me expand on that by sharing my experience during the 2-ish years I was tutored by him. Classes taught by Mr Vik were always pleasant to attend, especially since the homely and open classroom environment (where all questions are heard and answered) is conducive to inquisitive students looking to deepen their doctrinal knowledge and understanding. All that seems very good, but what exactly sets these lessons apart? Lessons with Mr Vik are more like face-to-face consultations rather than structured classes. He tailors lessons and teaching techniques to suit your particular learning style. For example, as I was never particularly great at memorising content, Mr Vik would devise bite size bits of notes for my subjects to do targeted practice. That said, what really stood out to me was how Mr Vik treats everyone as more than just a student but rather as a friend. His relaxed and calm demeanour exudes a quiet confidence that I can attest to as being very reassuring especially during this stressful time period. Personally, his friendship and kindness was what I appreciated most from his lessons. Touching back on what I previously said about giving me advice on my essays, this is just one example of how Mr Vik goes beyond what is typical from tutors to care for his students.
Of course, these tuition lessons are not the panacea to all your academic woes. Even as these lessons provide a fantastic platform on which students can rely on to do well, it is specious logic to assume that these lessons will work miracles without effort on the student’s end. If You are indolent, it is unlikely for any tutor or teacher to be able to save you from an eventual downward academic spiral. What I can promise you is that if you were to give Mr Vik your time, commitment and effort, I can wholeheartedly assure you that he will reciprocate and help you achieve your academic goals."
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